A better place to gather online starts with a platform designed for you.

Take your stories to a place that sees you.

This is PARIWO

PARIWO is a story-based social network that helps people build power through their stories.

The Experiment

PARIWO is designed as an experiment to answer the question: what happens when the social networking platforms and algorithms are designed to amplify marginalized voices?

The Social Network

At its core, the PARIWO platform is a social network of stories and storytellers because we're betting that stories can change the world.

The Stories

The Storybase is a tool we created and help people tell, share, and build power through their stories and throughout the world wide web.

The Ask

We're raising $20,000 to finish the second phase of development so that we can bring video to the platform and open it up to the public this year. Your donation will go to server and developer costs.